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CAA Emergency Travel Medical Insurance

If you are planning to travel out of province or out of the country, remember to pack CAA Emergency Medical Insurance to protect you and your family against unforeseen medical expenses.

Don't run the risk of an expensive hospital bill. CAA Emergency Travel Medical Insurance is the convenient and affordable way to travel with peace of mind. 

  • Individual, family, single-trip and multi-trip plans available
  • 10% CAA Member Discount
  • No medical questionnaire required for individuals under the age of 60
  • Coverage up to $5 million
  • Services not covered by OHIP
  • Can be used to top-up other insurance plans

CAA Emergency Medical Insurance Plan options:

SINGLE-TRIP PLAN: Are you taking a one-time trip? Your plan will cover you for the exact number of days you'll be away.

MULTI-TRIP PLAN: If you travel frequently, you may prefer an annual policy, which provides you with added flexibility and cost-savings. You'll be covered for an unlimited number of trips up to 30-days each throughout the year without needing to notify CAA each time you go.

EXTENDED PLAN (TOP-UP): Did you decide that you would like to travel for longer? You may choose to add additional days of coverage if you decide to extend any given trip.

Convenience Now and Down the Road

It is easy to purchase CAA Travel Insurance. Buy online, on your mobile, call or visit any of CAA Niagara branches. That is all it takes to get you and your family protected.

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NOTE: This insurance is only available to you if you are a Canadian resident and you are covered by the government health insurance plan of your province or territory of residence.

This website is intended for promotional purposes and is not an insurance policy. It is not an offer of insurance. It contains some information about coverages offered by Orion Travel Insurance Company but it does not list all of the conditions and exclusions that apply to the described coverages.

CAA Assistance - 24/7 Service

If you need medical emergency please call:

1-866-672-3651 in Canada and United States
+1-905-669-7350 Worldwide

Have your policy number or certificate of insurance with you at all times. When calling, please provide your name, policy number, location and the nature of your emergency.

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How to File a Claim

Send the claim form and all required documents to:

CAA Travel Insurance
9th Floor, 150 Commerce Valley Drive West,
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7Z3

1-866-672-3651 in Canada and United States
+1-905-669-7350 Worldwide

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